Mets ‘feel good’ about chances of retaining Brandon Nimmo

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The biggest bat the New York Mets have set to hit free agency is centerfielder, Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo is a lifelong Met who has spent 12 years with the organization.

He is coming off of a career year in 2022 and is set for a big payday. Over the years, Nimmo has established himself as someone with great plate discipline, the ability to work counts and get on base, along with showing drastic improvement with his glove as a centerfielder.

Latest report indicates Mets “feel good” about chances of keeping Brandon Nimmo:

Yesterday afternoon, Michael Marino of Sports Illustrated reported that the belief is that Nimmo will probably wind up remaining in New York. The Yankees could very well be in play for the centerfielder. On the other hand, he stated that the Mets do “feel good” about their chances of keeping Nimmo a part of their organization.

Certainly, encouraging to hear. Nimmo has come a long way in his development and become a more than respectable everyday player. Unless the Mets are somehow landing Aaron Judge, keeping Nimmo has to be a top priority.

His value in the clubhouse, consistency, and ability to make pitchers work at the top of the lineup makes him a more than valuable asset. Not to mention, he had a career-high in terms of runs batted in with 64 this year, despite being the Mets’ leadoff hitter. He also nearly set a single-season best in terms of home runs, with 16.

Nimmo has a career batting average of .269 and batted .274 in 2022 for the Mets. He drew 71 walks last season, and his career OPS of .385 in this analytics era will make Nimmo worthy of the big contract he could get from the Mets.

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