Mets: Carlos Correa’s contract set to look drastically different

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It has been a long two weeks since the New York Mets first verbally agreed to a contract with prized free agent, Carlos Correa, seemingly completing their thrilling offseason.

The two have not been able to work through the medical concerns from Correa’s physical. But, most reports continue to suggest that both the Mets and Correa remain motivated to strike a deal.

Early yesterday, Correa posted this photo to his Instagram, giving more hope and certainty amidst the growing concerns Mets fans currently have.

Agreement between Mets, Carlos Correa set to look “dramatically different”:

With the concerns medically Correa has, it makes sense as to why the Mets want to have certain language in the contract should his right leg become an issue at any point in the future. Not only the added language to the contract but the duration and average annual salary could change from the original deal.

Early in the evening last night, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic shared some up-to-date scoop on where things are between the Mets and Correa. As to what Mets fans can expect with regard to the contract Correa could sign with the Mets, Rosenthal had this to say.

“We expect the Mets to get this done at some point. We expect it to be a dramatically different deal. It’s not going to be 12 years, $315 million guaranteed. The question again is to what extent does the language change, the deal change?”

What to take from this is that either the original 12-year, $315 million deal will not be fully-guaranteed, giving the Mets an out at some point in the contract. Certainly, something that makes sense over such a long haul.

Or, the Mets and Correa could potentially work on newer parameters in terms of years and average annual salary. Correa may want something fully-guaranteed, but obviously, the Mets would have to look out for themselves, keeping a fully-guaranteed deal over a shorter number of years and, with likely, less money per year.

While the anxiety builds as more and more time passes by, the continued reports that insiders expect the Mets and Correa to agree on a deal at some point is encouraging. The Mets desperately need Correa for the 2023 World Series aspirations in place and have to come to terms on something soon.

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