Mets ace Max Scherzer currently has no plans to opt out

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Max Scherzer is simply in pursuit of a World Series. Heading into year two of a three-year deal signed last offseason with the New York Mets, Scherzer has an opt-out in his contract for 2024.

The Mets ace was asked about his impending future in Port St. Lucie yesterday and shared some encouraging comments.

Max Scherzer seems committed to the Mets for 2024:

Andy Martino of SNY broke the news yesterday, sharing the following from Scherzer.

“You have to understand the context of why I negotiated that in, and the context of where we’re at now. I wanted to pursue a championship in that third year. And that’s where an opt out, to me, made sense. But obviously, Steve (Cohen) has demonstrated that we’re going to be trying to win the World Series. We’re gonna do whatever it takes to win. But when I’m stepping in, I’ve gotta have that insurance, because talk is cheap, right? You’ve got to see the proof in the pudding, and we have now seen what Steve has done.”

Scherzer did state later on that, “If it becomes a business situation, we will cross that bridge at a different time. At the end of the year, that will get taken care of … I’m not thinking about it.”

The mindset Scherzer has is certainly thrilling to hear. In the end, his only focus seems to be on winning. And the Mets will need Scherzer to be at his best this year to reach their World Series expectations.

A big appeal for the Mets in signing Scherzer last year was his competitive nature and mental toughness. The 38-year-old accomplished ace has unquestionably brought just that to the team. Scherzer does not seem focused on business by any means, just helping the Mets accomplish their lofty goals.

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