Could the Mets execute a blockbuster trade to save their season?

The Mets 2023 has gone way worse than anybody could have imagined. The team with the highest payroll in baseball history is 42-50 and nine games out of the final wild-card spot. 

Many analysts have the Mets set to take a hybrid approach at this year’s trade deadline, selling veterans on expiring contracts and keeping those under contract past 2023 in hopes of continuing to compete.

However, what if Steve Cohen and general manager Billy Eppler decided to make a splash in hopes of saving their season and traded for the best player in baseball: Shohei Ohtani?

What would Ohtani bring to the Mets?

Ohtani is a unicorn and in the middle of arguably the greatest season by a player ever.

The two-way superstar has pitched 105.1 innings across 18 starts to a 3.50 ERA, 1.12 WHIP while striking out 139.

The 29-year-old would instantly become the Mets’ best pitcher and provide the blue and orange with arguably the fiercest rotation in baseball. Just imagine a playoff series where Ohtani starts game one, Max Scherzer starts game two, and Justin Verlander starts game three.

That three-man rotation alone would strike fear into the hearts of all their opponents.

In addition to his pitching prowess, adding Ohtani would give the Mets the best hitter in baseball.

In 91 games this season, the 2021 American League MVP has slashed .302/.386/.661 with 33 home runs and 72 RBIs while having an absurd 180 OPS+.

The combination of Pete Alonso and Ohtani as the three and four hitters would be a sight to behold.

Adding Ohtani would significantly improve the Mets, but could they feasibly acquire him?

What would it take to acquire Ohtani?

If the Angels decide to trade, which is a massive if, what would it take for the Mets to acquire Ohtani?

Well, if Ohtani were to become available, everyone in the league would be interested in acquiring his services, making his price, even as a rental, one of the highest of all time.

Starting this offer would be two of the Mets’ top 100 prospects: Ronny Mauricio and Kevin Parada. Both are excellent players that could contribute at the Major League level within the next year but are blocked in the Mets organization by Lindor and Francisco Álvarez.

The Angels would also want some pitchers ready to jump to the big leagues and some pitching prospects. Jose Butto would fill the need for a major league-ready pitcher with some upside, while Blade Tidwell and Calvin Ziegler are both top-seven Mets pitching prospects.

That would be four of the Mets’ top seven prospects and Jose Butto for Ohtani, which may seem like a lot but is likely what it would take for the blue and orange to acquire the two-way superstar.

Whether the Mets execute a trade for Ohtani or not, the Amazins need something to change to save their season.

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