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CitiField Will be Eerily Silent on This Opening Day


When we saw that the 2020 MLB season was set to open on March 26, we all said the same thing. A bit early , no? But none of us are saying that now. We all wish there was baseball  – or any other semblance of normal American life – happening today.

The Coronavirus had derailed every aspect of our existence at the very least. At the most it is taking lives and altering and shattering many others and it is far from over. In fact, we still might be weeks before the virus peaks here in New York City.

There is very little to take our minds off the virus and it’s devastating effect on the health of our citizens and the destruction of daily life. All of our normal distractions are gone. Survival is the only goal right now. How do we get through this is the main question on everyone’s mind.

New York is a resilient town and we will figure it out. There will be pain and suffering unfortunately. That cannot be avoided. In the interim, everyone is being asked to do their part. So far, we are.

Today I would have been out at CitiField with my brother. Instead, I am home tending to my wife and her mother who are both battling the virus. So far they are managing but it has been a slow process. My brother is also fighting Coronavirus. He is holed up in his Manhattan apartment for the next two weeks so that he doesn’t infect others.

To distract myself, I went out for walk this morning doing my part to distance myself from anyone who tried to come close to me. I am thinking about all of the opening days I have been to in my lifetime. The first one was in 1968 at Shea Stadium. It was the first of many. My father used to pull us out of school to go to the game. Most years it was too cold for Baseball but who cared? The crowds always showed up with newfound exuberance and hope. It was always a glorious day regardless of the weather.

This year, it will be high 50s and sunny and the ballpark will be empty. We all understand why but they doesn’t mean I still won’t sad.

“Thursday, they would have greeted close to 20,000 cars as they arrived at Citi Field,” writes The Post’s Mike Vaccaro. “They are as much a part of the neighborhood as McFadden’s bar, as the elevated subway tracks, the World’s Fair globe a few blocks away. Thursday is also supposed to be sunny all day, not a cloud to be found in the forecast with a high of 58 degrees….Thursday would have been a perfect day. Thursday was supposed to be Opening Day.”

No question Opening Day came early this year but considering where we are now, it can’t come soon enough. But first things first. Let’s defeat this scourge of a virus. They’ll be plenty of time for baseball when it’s over.

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