The Knicks may need to trade up to land standout defensive forward

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As the NBA Draft looms, the New York Knicks are leaning towards utilizing their draft selections to bring fresh talent into the fold, rather than trading picks for established NBA players. Among the prospects linked to the Knicks is Ryan Dunn from Virginia, known for his defensive prowess and potential scoring capabilities.

Ryan Dunn: A Promising Prospect for the Knicks

Dunn, a standout defender from Virginia, posted averages of 8.1 points and 6.9 rebounds last season while shooting an impressive 54.8% from the field. Although not primarily known for his three-point shooting, Dunn is focused on developing this aspect of his game to enhance his NBA readiness. His robust work ethic suggests he could make significant strides in improving his perimeter shooting, which would substantially increase his potential impact in the league.

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Rising Draft Stock

Recent evaluations have shown that Dunn’s stock is rising significantly as the draft approaches. Originally considered a potential pick for the Knicks, his impressive workout performances may now see him taken earlier. ESPN reports suggest that Dunn could be selected as high as 22nd overall by the Phoenix Suns, just two spots ahead of the Knicks’ first-round pick at number 24.

Strategic Fit Behind Anunoby

Dunn is seen as an ideal complement to OG Anunoby should the front office succeed in securing Anunoby with a new deal potentially worth over $35 million per season. With similar defensive attributes, Dunn could serve as a valuable rotational piece behind Anunoby, offering the Knicks flexibility and depth in defensive matchups against various positions.

Pairing Dunn with a seasoned player like Anunoby could provide a mentorship opportunity that would benefit his development, particularly in refining his offensive skills and adapting to the NBA’s pace and physicality. This scenario would not only secure a backup for Anunoby but also ensure continuity in the Knicks’ defensive strategy when Anunoby is off the court.

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