The Garden faithful will never give up on the New York Knicks

You would have thought the New York Knicks won a playoff series with their victory yesterday.  The Knicks took down the Miami Heat 124-121 in one of their most exciting games of the season.

The fans also got behind Julius Randle who’s dealing with the loss of his grandmother.  He had a great performance and was backed by the fans, his Knicks teammates and his family.

The Garden faithful was very loud yesterday and just goes to show how much they’re dying for a competitive team.  It’s hard to believe that the Knicks can’t attract those big name free agents.  The atmosphere around a 10-29 team yesterday should be good enough for anyone to come play, reports SNY’s Ian Begley.

Loud chants of defense rained down from the rafters when game was close.  It got louder Jimmy Butler came to the free-throw line for 3 crucial shots.  The fans and Knicks benched erupted once Butler missed the 3rd free-throw to tie the game.

The fans were getting so loud when it was the Knicks turn to step to the free-throw line, you could see Elfrid Payton trying to quiet the crowd for RJ Barrett to shoot.

Barrett, who has struggled mightily from the line this season, was 8-10, hitting a few clutch ones.  The fans reacted as if they were free-throws to win a championship.

This just goes to show how badly they want this organization to turn it around for the city.

While New York Knicks fans can be very difficult, they’re the most passionate fans in the association.  Season ticket holders, big stars and fans are constantly coming to the games despite the below-average product that is on display.

While the playoffs still seem to be out of reach, 7.5 games out, the fans will continue to come to every game, regardless of their record.  They do have a slim chance to turn around their season but it’s going to take more consistent basketball like they displayed on Sunday for that to happen.