New York Knicks free agent negotiations

The New York Knicks have been doing some free agent negotiating today.

Reports have surfaced from Adrian Wojnarowski that the Knicks have been re-negotiating with recent free-agent Reggie Bullock.  Bullock and the Knicks are reworking the 2 year, 21 million deal due to Bullock’s ‘fitness to play’ this upcoming season.  Bullock dealt with ankle and neck injures last season.

Both sides have been working well together to make a new deal happen.  Keepin Bullock would be a good addition to the Knicks poor outside shooting.

Another Wojnarowksi report came out shortly after the Bullock news.  Former Boston Celtic, Marcus Morris, is now back on the Knicks radar.  Morris recently agreed to sign with the Spurs for 2 years, 20 million deal.  However, he is now re-considering the Spurs deal to sign with the Knicks.

We have reported early, before the season ended, that Morris was high on the Knicks list.  Morris obtain the final roster spot and he would be another good veteran bruiser.

Morris would be the perfect Knick.  He is a player that is hard-nosed and that does not mind going to battle for his team.  He plays hard and embodies what the ’90s Knicks were all about.  Yes, he has lost a little bit due to age, but the fire is still there.

If Perry can pull off a beautiful re-structure of Bullock’s contract while adding Morris then this off-season would be consider a win for the Knicks, despite some believing it was a giant loss.