New York Knicks: Conflicting Frank Ntilikina Reports

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

Over the past two days, reports have surfaced that New York Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina wants out of New York.

According to Stefan Bondy, Ntilikina ‘desires a relocation’ from New York after switching agents to French agent Bouna Ndiaye.  Empire Sports Media also reported yesterday.

Last night, New York Posts Marc Berman and SNYs Ian Begley, both tweeted that despite all of the trade rumors, Ntilikina is happy and wants to be in New York.

Bondy simply got dooped into believing wrong information and tried to break the news first.  It appears like he misinterpreted information or simply blamed the twitter account, French Knicks Pod. 

All of this news about Ntilikina requesting a trade seems to false, for now.  To be honest, Ntilikina do not seem like the person that would do that anyway.  So, hearing the report that he wants a trade was a little odd.

The Knicks might still be looking to move Ntilikina for the another pick in this upcoming draft.  But for now, Ntilikina is still a New York Knick.

Also, why would the Knicks want to move Ntilikina anyway, despite saving an extra 5 mil.  Ntilikina has underperformed, but only because he is between positions.  His value is low and he is still 20-years-old.  No need to give up on a young player who can be your lockdown defender in the future.