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New York Knicks Shopping Frank Ntilikina & He Wants Out

By Bob Konarski

The New York Knicks could be looking to trade guard Frank Ntilikina.  According to the New York Posts Marc Berman, the Knicks could want a first or second-round pick in return.

Recently, Daily News’ Stefan Bondy reports, Ntilikina wants to be moved after switching agents.  The frustration from Ntilikina has finally hit home.

Getting a first round pick could be difficult for Ntilikina.  He has been a underwhelming since coming to the NBA.  The Knicks have been playing with Ntilikina in numerous positions and rolls, so it is hard for him to get comfortable in one position.

The good news is that Ntilikina is still only 20-years-old and fans still have faith in him, if he hangs around.  He is younger than most of the guys in this upcoming draft.

However, if the Knicks are looking to move Ntilikina then this could mean that the Knicks feel very good about signing 2 max free agents this off-season.  Trading Ntilikina would free up another 5 million for this summer.

As much as fans do not want to give up on Ntilikina, trading him only makes sense if they are confident on landing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, or others.  But, the Knicks have enough cap space to sign 2 big FAs without trading Ntilikina.

When Ntilikina was drafted, fans were that he was going to be a ‘project’.  Why would the Knicks want to trade him when his value is so low?  He is so young and still has plenty of room for improvement and to learn.

Frank requesting a trade only makes sense since the Knicks have been trying to figure out what to do with him from the beginning.

Bob Konarski

Bob Konarski co-runs the New York Knicks department and Twitter for Empire Sports Media. He’s a huge New York sports fan focusing on the Knicks and Giants. His love for both teams started with his father and the rest is history. Outside of writing and tweeting for ESM, he plays basketball and golfs.

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