Knicks stand to gain $18.9 million in salary space by trading shooting guard

Evan Fournier, New York Knicks

In their latest off-season developments, the New York Knicks have traded Obi Toppin and acquired Donte DiVincenzo. Now, their focus turns to the potential trade of Shooting Guard Evan Fournier, whose contract commands a significant $18.9 million for the upcoming season.

Knicks Eyeing a New Destination for Fournier

Steve Popper of Newsday reports that the Knicks are actively seeking a suitable destination for the veteran guard. The intention is to allow him a fair chance to play following a season where he largely sat on the bench.

According to Popper, the team source states, “The Knicks are trying to utilize Evan Fournier’s $18.9 million expiring contract to make a trade but also are determined to not force Fournier, who was a good soldier throughout last season’s benching, to wither on the bench again in what should be the prime years of his career.”

Fournier’s Lacklustre Season

Last season saw Fournier sidelined from the main rotation from early November. His appearances were scant, limited to situations where the Knicks needed an extra player. Following the Knicks’ playoff elimination, Fournier expressed his expectation to be traded, saying he’d be “shocked” if he were still with the team for the upcoming season.

During his 27 games last season, Fournier averaged only 6.1 points and shot a meager 30.7% from three-point range, a steep decline from his previous season’s average of 14 points and 38.9% three-point shooting.

Potential Trade Scenarios for Fournier

While Fournier’s four-year/$72 million contract, signed with the Knicks in 2021, might deter some teams due to his disappointing defensive performance, teams in need of additional shooting power could be willing to absorb it.

The Knicks may consider incorporating Fournier as part of a larger deal for a star player, given the ongoing speculation around Paul George and James Harden. If Fournier’s inclusion in a major trade deal isn’t feasible, another option could involve trading him for a backup power forward to bolster their roster following the recent trade of Toppin to the Pacers. Possible targets could include players like JaMychal Green or Christian Wood.


The specifics of Fournier’s future and where he may end up remain to be seen, but one thing is clear: he will not be part of the Knicks’ roster for the next season.

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