Knicks’ Kemba Walker raves about togetherness of team and winning mentality

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The New York Knicks are on the right path toward becoming a more prominent team in the NBA after years of struggling. The 2020-21 season represented a shift in culture and mentality, aiding in the acquisition of several big names this off-season, including Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker.

Walker has expressed his excitement about joining the Knicks, his hometown club, after being raised in the Bronx. Walker has spent the last few seasons with the Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics, eventually being bought out and finding his way back to New York.

Walker’s new team has welcomed him with open arms, and the veteran point guard has reciprocated his excitement. He’s noticed how his new teammates are focused on developing and establishing a winning mine said before the season begins.

“It’s been fun. Guys work hard. And these guys are really together … For the most part, the things that I’ve noticed is how guys pick each other up in practice.”

They say practice makes perfect, and the Knicks undoubtedly take that to another level with their intensity. All-Star power forward Julius Randle mentioned several days ago how the team has been scrimmaging before training camp began — exerting maximum effort to prepare themselves for a grueling 82 game season.

Walker raved about the emotions and feelings of being with the Knicks back in the city:

“Every team gives you sweatsuits and bags. My New York sweatsuit just hit a little bit different. I just feel like me being from here — like, I’m really, really from here. Born and raised in the Bronx, you know? So, it’s definitely just a little bit more special.”

Some of the younger players on the team are looking forward to working with Kemba and fellow veteran Derrick Rose. Rookie Quentin Grimes is ecstatic he will have two of the league’s most famous players at his fingertips to learn from and follow.

“Having two big-time veterans like that is going to be really big for my development”

Head coach Tom Thibodeau has done a great job bringing in talented players who can also act as mentors and leaders for the younger guys on the team.

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