Knicks: Jericho Sims reacts after losing in Slam Dunk contest

Jericho Sims, New York Knicks

New York Knicks reserve center Jericho Sims failed to live up to the hype as the betting favorite to win the Slam Dunk contest at the All-Star Weekend.

Worse, his envelope stunt at the end of his last dunk drew ‘meh’ reactions.

So, if you feel embarrassed for the stoic 6-foot-10 Knicks center, don’t be. Sims isn’t losing sleep despite spawning hilarious memes.

The 6-foot-10 Knicks center broke his silence following his loss in the Slam Dunk contest with an Instagram story on Monday, showing himself enjoying the beach.

“No need to feel embarrassed for me,” Sims said in the caption. “I’m not.”

Sims’ freakish athleticism and bounce were displayed, but his lack of creativity, showmanship, and flair hastened his early exit from the competition.

Philadelphia’s two-way player Mac McClung broke the internet with his jaw-dropping dunks to run away with the win, with Shaquille O’Neal and several others anointing him as the savior of the Slam Dunk contest, which has cratered since the Zach LaVine-Aaron Gordon showdown in 2016.

Sims drew an average score of 47.6 for his first dunk and 47.8 for his controversial second dunk, in which he grabbed an envelope clipped to the net and later opened it to reveal a piece of paper with the number “50,” written on it, referring to a perfect score.

Apparently, the judges and fans were not impressed with the dunk and, more so, with the stunt.

Sims is expected to return to oblivion after the All-Star break, with Knicks starting center Mitchell Robinson on track to make a comeback from a thumb injury.

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