Knicks’ Derrick Rose tells us exactly what we want to hear

When rumors bubble to the surface that the New York Knicks were interested in acquiring point guard Derrick Rose, most were curious as to why. Rose was previously playing for the Detroit Pistons in his 13th season in the NBA and was still averaging a respectable 14.2 points per game. He hasn’t started a contest this year over 15 games, but his influence is still beneficial to the team he’s playing for.

Knicks’ new head coach Tom Thibodeau has close ties to Rose, and acquiring him had more to do with developing youth than making him their starting point guard. Rose affirmed this reality, and it is exactly what we want to hear as Knick fans.

“I thought it wasn’t going to happen at first. A lot goes into being traded. I’m feeling grateful, anxious, but at the same I know what I have to do coming here. It’s about helping the young guys, playing as hard as I can and, for one, thanking Thibs [Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau].’’

The New York Knicks view Rose as a mentor:

Precisely, Rose‘s primary impact will be helping Immanuel Quickley elevate his game and become a premium point guard in the NBA. So far this season, Quickley is averaging 12 points per game and 2.7 assists. Rose is averaging 14.2 points and 4.2 assists over 22.8 minutes. There is a rumor that Elfrid Payton could be on the trade block, which would thrust Quickley into the starting PG spot and allow Rose to back him up and give him some essential pointers.

Derrick spent time with the Knicks back in 2016, starting 64 games and averaging 18.0 points per. His influence was adequate, but the team simply wasn’t able to string anything together. When Rose left New York, he just needed to return home, and he expressed that recently.

“When I left the Knicks that day in January 2017, that’s what it was about. I just needed to go home,” Rose wrote. “I went to the crib with my mom. … I had decided I was done playing. I saw the same thing that was happening with the Bulls was going on with New York. I could tell that the season wasn’t going to be the season everyone thought, that I thought.”

The acquisition of Derrick is a positive thing, in my opinion. Quickley has a lot to learn from the veteran PG, who was once one of the best players in the league before injuries took their toll. With one of the most dangerous floating shots, Rose can instill his legacy in Quickley, who has the mindset to be great.