Just when you think the New York Knicks are turning the corner….

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks were playing very well the last 5 games.  Even despite the double OT loss against the Atlanta Hawks, they still performed better than they have earlier on this season.

During that streak, the one thing that Knicks fans love to do is to overreact.  When the Knicks won 4 out 5, fans began to think that Mike Miller might be onto something.  Everything was starting to take shape sort of how they thought the season would’ve began.  Fans even threw the ‘P-word’ out there, playoffs.

But, just when you think the Knicks might be turning the corner on their season, they take a step back.  Bradley Beal didn’t help by pouring in 30 points in a 114-96 Wizards victory.  He was making a statement after being snuffed from the All-Star game, and of course it’s against the Knicks.

This lose came after the news that William ‘Worldwide Wes’ Wesley wouldn’t being joining Leon Rose when he takes over as the new team president.  Not only that, but after Steve Stoute went on First Take speaking on behalf of the Knicks.  For what it’s worth, what Stoute said was speaking the truth.

However, thinking that the Knicks could make a playoff push was definitely a stretch.  Getting too excited about what way the team plays always seems to backfire.  It’s either that or the Wizards just have the Knicks number.

Just yesterday Julius Randle said that Knicks have “good confidence” and are “playing hard” which they were, until last night.  Any hope the New York Knicks might have had about the playoffs went out the window last night.

The Knicks continue to be so frustrating and inconsistent, per usual.  But, they’re very consistent at getting the fans hopes up.