An embarassing, scary night for the New York Knicks

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett

Not only did the New York Knicks have an embarrassing evening but add a gigantic scare along with it.  RJ Barrett went down with a right ankle injury that had all fans gasping for air.

The last time fans had a scare like this was when Kristaps Porzingis went down with an ACL tear.

After Barrett went down, Knicks fans were wondering how long he might be out.  Some want Barrett out for the rest of the season, until after the deadline and/or an extended period.  It’s definitely going to be awhile.

The Knicks can’t play around with the future face of their franchise this early in his career.  Yes, it’s only a sprained right ankle but those injuries can linger on for a long time, if not taken care of properly.

According to New York Post’s Marc Berman, Barrett “blamed ankle sprain on New York Post Puma shoes he’s been wearing.”  Not a good look for Puma’s new basketball shoes but it’s not as bad as Zion Williamson blowing through Nike’s shoes.

However, the Knicks need to be very careful with how they handle Barrett’s injury.  He’s on 19-years-old and will come back rather quickly but you need to be cautious.  The Knicks are already getting a lot of heat for their play this season, there’s no need to pile on with mishandling this injury.

Despite the recent woes of the New York Knicks, Mike Miller is still well liked.  Although, he needs to stop playing all of the veterans especially with a performance like last night.  There was no energy and a lot of standing around the perimeter while Randle or whoever went one-on-one, same old Knicks.  The Phoenix Suns blew them out, 121-98.

In a game like last night, that’s a perfect time to play the younger players to see what they can do.  It’s also a time to give more minutes to Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina but what do we know.  Fans are unsure what it’s going to take for the organization to realize that it’s time for young players only.  Last night should’ve been a good indication.