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Why The New York Jets Need To Stay Far Away From Antonio Brown

by Alexander Wilson

There’s a simple truth to Antonio Brown and his personality – he wants to be the face of the franchise and more. His attitude, persona, lifetyle, and loyatly all scream “I want attention!” In other words, Brown is the very last thing the New York Jets need in the worlds biggest sports market.

Brown lives off fame and fortune, and New York is a graveyard for players coming to make their mark with outspoken dreams. Think of Odell Beckham Jr., his diva-esque mentality and privilege; imagine Antonio Brown walking the streets of New York with that wide grin on his face as he skips team meetings to soak in the city.

Antonio Brown only cares about himself…it’s as simple as that:

The star wideout is known for his “me first” reasoning. The Pittsburgh Steelers endured his negatve-attributes simply bevause of his talent, but the Jets don’t need any distractions clouding the mind of Sam Darnold. They need him to remain confident and maintain a leadership role. He’s the future and present of the franchise – bringing Brown to a market where fans praise the talented and belittle the weak is simply a bad idea.

Despite the consistent 1,000 yards receiving seasons and double-digit touchdowns, his capabilities will never be worth the money or emotional investment. Brown is cancer to himself, as he believes he deserves to be late, missing, or selfish due to his abilities on the field.

A simple message to the New York Jets:

DRAFT A WIDE RECEIVER. The free agent pool for pass catchers is thin this year, but the 2019 NFL draft is stacked full of talent. Ranging from a freak of nature DJ Metcalf to A.J. Brown,  Mike Maccagnan has his pick of the lot. But, the priority must be to bolster the team around Darnold. Every player has to be focused on a team-first mentality and understand that everything works around the young quarterback. Antonio Brown simply poses a threat to his development.

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