When will the New York Jets extend Quinnen Williams and George Fant?

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Currently, the New York Jets have two of their top players set for new contracts. George Fant and Quinnen Williams have spoken to the media this offseason about their future with the Jets.

Starting with Fant, he was arguably the Jets’ best player in 2021. As a free agent, he is in the final year of a three-year deal signed in 2020. Fant was one of the first additions Joe Douglas made as general manager of the Jets.

Williams was the Jets’ third overall selection in the 2019 draft. He is eligible for an extension with three completed seasons now under his belt. This offseason, general manager Joe Douglas picked up his fifth-year option. It puts Williams under contract for the next two years through 2023. The decision indicates that the Jets would like to keep Williams a part of their long-term plans.

When will the extensions happen?

The timetable in which the extensions could get done is an interesting discussion. Considering the duration left on both of their contracts, it would likely lead to a new contract with Fant first. He recently stated when talking with the media that he wants to end his career as a Jet.

Anticipate an extension for Fant as early as this summer. The Jets and Fant may both want to get it done and not have it linger throughout the season. Even if it does not get agreed to prior to the season, the thought of it happening during the season should not get ruled out. If it carries into the next offseason, the Jets will have the franchise tag at their disposal in the worst-case scenario.

With Williams, it seems most likely that a new contract could come together following the 2022 season. As stated above, he is under contract for the next two years. Last week, Williams spoke to the media and stated he is not worried about a new contract now. Ideally, he has a breakout fourth year and increases his value for an extension in 2023.

The good thing is, even with the free-agent money the Jets have spent over the last two offseasons, they will have the flexibility to sign both of these players. In 2024, the Jets have a ton of cap space available. Douglas can structure the deals with a significant signing bonus to keep their 2023 cap hits lower. The goal should be for both Fant and Williams to be Jets for years to come.

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