NFL to Broadcast Playoff Game on Nickelodeon for 2020

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With the NFL season facing challenges to all the other leagues face in the coronavirus world we now live in, we did get some positive news. The CBA was approved, the NFL draft will go ahead (modified of course), and modifications to the current NFL postseason expanding the number of teams participating to 14 teams. As a result of the new expanded format, news emerged that sounded so comical, you assumed it was an April Fool’s Day prank.

NFL to Broadcast on Children’s TV Network

The Jets, a fringe playoff team last season, had a chance to be the 7th team under this new format. So, IF the NFL season starts on time (a lot could still happen with this pandemic), the Jets could be playing their first playoff game since Mark Sanchez was QB on the Nickelodeon television network.

Yes. You read that right. Nickelodeon will carry an NFL playoff game for the 2020-2021 season. Complete with their own broadcast team.

The Possibilities are ENDLESS

If you’re like me, someone in their late 20’s to mid to late 30’s, you remember A LOT of Nickelodeon television. Bringing back someone like Summer Sanders (host of Figure It Out), or Mike O’Malley (host of the show Guts) would excite young parents my age into watching the broadcast on Nickelodeon for nostalgia sake.

But Nickelodeon is, first and foremost, known for its animation. Rugrats, Aah! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, and (most famously) Spongebob Squarepants. Could you imagine a Nickelodeon broadcast of an NFL game featuring Summer Sanders doing play by play, and Spongebob doing color commentary? If the Simpsons could animate Homer answering questions in real time, and South Park’s Eric Cartman could introduce Colorado University’s football team on live TV, Spongebob doing color for Jets V Ravens in the Wild Card game is VERY much a reality.

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