New York Jets: Why Benching Le’Veon Bell is a Bad Decision

New York Jets

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Le’Veon Bell may arguably be the most hyped-up acquisition by the New York Jets in recent memory. So, it’s natural to want to make sure he produces for this team for the foreseeable future. However, not playing Bell in the preseason will harm than good and ultimately could come back to haunt the Jets.


Sean McVay is labeled a visionary and a forward thinker. He does outside the box things and sees success. Last preseason he protected the Rams investment in Todd Gurley by not letting him step on the field during the preseason. He no doubt came out of the gates like a monster for the Rams and put up another big year. He was and still is a top 5 RB in all of football. However, when it mattered the most Gurley was injured and not the same player in the playoffs. He hindered the team with his injuries and with a healthy Todd Gurley the team could have had a much better shot at a ring. Ultimately, Gurley was diagnosed with arthritis and has long term issues that could hinder his career for the long haul.

Benching Bell May Not End Well

So, how does this relate to the New York Jets you may ask? Benching Bell is not the answer. He’s proven he is physically capable and mentally capable of getting hit and carrying the rock. The powers that be are worried about their investment and have every reason to want to protect him. However, not letting him see the field until week 1 is a bad decision. He needs to at the very least get a few carries to knock the rust off.

Knock The Rust Off

Throwing him to the wolves or actually the Bills in week 1 is a dangerous decision and he could come back slower out of the gate and rusty. The Bills know that and they will be ready for him. In the long haul, not giving Bell reps could hurt his legs more than help them especially if sitting him out is prepping him for a high volume this year. On a personal note, I’d just love to see how Bell is gonna take the pressure off Sam Darnold before the season starts. Maybe I’m crazy but ultimately I feel not playing g Le’Veon is a bad decision.

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