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New York Jets signing former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to one-year deal


In a surprising move, the New York Jets are signing former Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to a one year deal, per Adam Schefter. The Jets previously had Josh McCown behind franchise passer Sam Darnold, helping him adjust to the NFL and learn the ropes. Nonetheless, Flacco offers competition for Darnold and an experienced mentor for one year.

Flacco played in just eight games for Denver in 2019, amassing 1822 yards. He threw six touchdowns and five interceptions before rookie Drew Lock took over and Flacco headed to the bench due to injury. Ultimately, it was in the best interest of Denver to start their young quarterback and begin developing under him.

I don’t believe this move puts Darnold at any risk of losing starting snaps, but rather just a contingency plan in case he succumbs to injury. Flacco is extremely knowledgeable having played in 12 seasons. At 34 years old, he is still in suitable condition to continue playing in the NFL.

Following Flacco’s neck injury last year, he seems to be prepared to start training camp, according to Adam Schefter. This is a good sign for the Jets and he will likely be a cheaper back up with plenty of experience the whole things down.

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2 thoughts on “New York Jets signing former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to one-year deal”

  1. That’s fair, just an interesting move to get a guy like him. I think it’s a great move.

  2. I think you were the only person surprised my this move. The Jets did not have an experienced back up on the roster (Josh McGowan was two years ago) and there is a connection between Douglas and Flacco going back to the Ravens. Seriously, not a surprise.

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