New York Jets: Sam Darnold preparing to take big leap in 2019

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

The New York Jets didn’t hesitate to throw quarterback Sam Darnold into the fire last season, skimping him of playmakers on offense and protection on the offensive line.

Being sacked 30 times surely didn’t do his confidence any favors, yet he still earned 17 touchdowns through the air. However, he will look to improve upon his 57.5% completion percentage, a number that speaks more about his lack of talent at the wide receiver position rather than his inadequacies throwing the football.

The fact of the matter is, Darnold can be elite, but he will need to learn how to utilize talent. With players like LeVeon Bell and Jamison Crowder joining the Jets, the second-year passer will have playmakers to employ that trump any he’s ever worked with before.

Bell has the ability to break a big play at any moment and will be Darnold’s best friend in the passing game. A security blanket like Bell will open up the door to tons of offensive plays, especially screen passes and the play-action.

How did Sam Darnold look in the first team practice?

The young quarterback was stellar in the Jets’ first open practice on Thursday. While OTAs aren’t the best source or indication of success, they show the fundamental works of any given player. In those terms, Sam looked like a franchise signal caller.

He dropped a dime in the bread-basket of WR Robby Anderson on a 43-yard bomb down the sideline. He also sniped Quincy Enunwa across the middle in a tight window. New head coach Adam Gase and his offensive genius will help Darnold reach his potential. Coaching a stripped Miami Dolphins team limited the potential of the talented coach, but joining an organization with solid playmakers and a great young quarterback to help develop should extract the most out of his abilities.

I’m extremely excited to see what Gase and Darnold can accomplish as a duo.