New York Jets Record Predictions: Weeks 1-16

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

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Entering a season with some of the highest hopes in recent memory for the New York Jets, there are realistic chances for success. Just how much success is feasible and what will the record end up being in a BIG transition year with a new head coach, general manager and many new faces on the squad? With so many questions I took a look at the schedule and came up with my first round of Jets record predictions.

Week 1: Bills at Jets W (1-0)

The Jets are going to be more prepared out of the gates and full of energy. No Gregg Williams defense ever shows up lacking energy out of the gates and Adam Gase will surely have the Jets offense ready to thrive early on and in result, they will leave a beating on the Buffalo Bills in week one.

Week 2: Browns at Jets W(2-0)

Am I the only one who isn’t buying into the Browns hype? I think they will see some success this year and maybe more than the Jets but not out of the gates. Gregg Williams will be laying it all out on the table on defense against the team that passed on him for head coach and in a personal game, I don’t see the Jets losing this battle. The Browns are gonna need more time to get adjusted, but if you asked me who’d win week 14 I’d likely go with Cleveland.

Week 3: Jets at Patriots L (2-1)

It sucks to lose to the Patriots but on a short week, I think the Pats would be more ready and prepared then the Jets coming off a tough game against Cleveland. The reigning champions are a well-oiled machine and likely contenders again this year. The Jets are gonna have to lose at some point, and Tom Brady and the Patriots seem like the probable team for their two-game win streak to end.

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: Jets at Eagles L (2-2)

I’ll keep this one short, as long as that Eagles team is healthy they’re a better squad. Carson Wentz will probably return back to his old dominant form, so coming off a loss I don’t see the Jets pulling this game off.

Week 6: Cowboys at Jets L (2-3)

This one of the games I’m most excited about. The Cowboys are serious threats as long as Ezekiel Elliott is there and doesn’t pull a move as Bell did. The Cowboys are a good young team with lots of depth. They are undoubtedly more primed for success and are a team that could put a beating on the Jets in a struggling situation similar to the Vikings game last year.

Week 7: Patriots at Jets W (3-3)

The losing streak ends against the team it began. Adam Gase will be livid about losing to them once and will take advantage of the chance to grab a win at home against his arch-rivals. Gase always seems to have the Pats figured out and hopefully at least once this season he can prove that.

Week 8: Jets at Jaguars W(4-3)

The Jaguars have a leak in the boat called no franchise quarterback. So they will attempt to tape it up with Nick Foles. The Jags are a team with lots of dissension that the Jets can capitalize on.

Week 9: Jets at Dolphins W (5-3)

Adam Gase will have a little extra motivation that week and he will have a chance to avenge himself at whatever cost. He will be ready to go against his former team and I don’t doubt they’ll win.

Week 10: Giants at Jets W (6-3)

Saquon Barkley can only do so much. The Jets are the best New York Football team and will get a win against the Giants.

Week 11: Jets at Redskins L (6-4)

For some reason, the Redskins always surprise me. So I’ll try to be a step ahead and predict a win for them this season. The Redskins pick up the big win.

Week 12: Raiders at Jets  L (6-5)

The Raiders may just surprise this year and be a solid team but don’t count them out despite the drama.

Week 13: Jets at Bengals W (7-5)

The Bengals won’t be a good team and will be a team easy for the picking to get the Jets confidence back.

Week 14: Dolphins at Jets L (7-6)

Adam Gase will not be able to pull magic on this one and I think the Dolphins will be due for a win.

Week 15: Jets at Ravens W (8-6)

Lamar Jackson will prove the Ravens wrong for trading away the veteran, Joe Flacco. Jackson is a mobile QB and the offense will need to help adjust to that.

Week 16: Steelers & Jets L (8-7)

The Steelers are always gonna be a contending team no matter the obstacles. This is gonna be an exciting game but I think the Steelers are just the better squad.

Week 17: Jets at Bills W (9-7)

Both teams are due and The Jets will finish the season with momentum!

It’s still crazy early so these predictions are likely to change once or twice more but for now, this is the predictions for how I see the Jets.

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