New York Jets’ Jamal Adams could wiggle his way to the Brady-led Buccaneers

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

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The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have a long way to go before they can find a solution to his impending mega deal. Adams has stated that he is seeking a trade from the Jets, who remain committed to him and a long-term contract that would keep him in green for the rest of his career.

Letting go of a player like Adams would significantly hurt the Jets’ defensive efficiency, but they would also gain multiple first-round picks if they found a trade partner. Essentially, Adams is looking to join a competitive team that has playoff potential. Of course, joining a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who currently host Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and a bevy of other talented players, would be the ideal fit and scenario for the elite safety.

It is not out of the question that Adams could sit for the 2020 season until he is offered an extension. He has made it known that he has no intention of playing and will continue to take to social media to express his displeasure on how the Jets’ organization how they’ve handled his contract.

Nonetheless, general manager Joe Douglas has done nothing wrong in the process, and extending a player before the fourth year of the rookie deal is ludicrous in itself. Patrick Mahomes, who was drafted in the same year, hasn’t even been negotiating for a long-term deal, so Adams is attacking a future contract rather aggressively.

According to Ryan Clark, an ESPN analyst who trains with Adams and multiple other top NFL safeties, stated that the Jet would love to be reunited with Todd Bowles, the head coach who drafted him. Bowles currently serves as the defensive coordinator for the Buccaneers, who now have lofty expectations after their active free agent spending spree.

Adams would also be happy to join the Cowboys, Ravens, Eagles, Texans, 49ers, Chiefs, and Seahawks. Adams has no actual say where he would inevitably land, but his preferable teams all seem to be at the top of the league in 2020 projections.

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