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New York Jets: How will Ryan Kalil make an impact in 2019?

by Dylan Price
Ryan Kalil

The New York Jets never seemed to have any issues at center for the longest time. After Nick Mangold retired, it left a gaping hole in the offensive line. Mangold was a replacement for the legend Kevin Mawae. Mangold was a 7-time pro bowler, so the guy who had to replace him had to be great.

Wesley Johnson first came in and disappointed in relief of the Jets’ trusty steed. Then the Jets brought in Spencer Long to take his spot for the 2018 season, and Long snapped just about as bad as Stevie Wonder would’ve done trying to snap a football.

The Jets then became reliant on Jonathan Harrison, and after proving he’s not right for the starting job early on in camp, it was time for Joe Douglas to make his first big move.

Douglas said he was going to find talent anywhere. That included a 5-time pro bowler and 2-time all-pro who experienced a brief retirement.

Another changing of the guard for the New York Jets:

Now, Ryan Kalil joins the Jets to be the presumed starting center on a one year 8.4 million dollar deal. Kalil is reportedly a big fan of Sam Darnold which played a big part in his decision.

The fact is Ryan Kalil will be a considerable addition to this offensive line and could very well be the piece this team was missing to potentially make a run at the playoffs. Kalil is a veteran leader who will make everyone around him better and significantly improve the development of Sam Darnold, and that’s all you can ask for.

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