New York Jets: Could Jachai Polite be Released?

Dylan Price
The New York Jets drafted Jachai Polite in the third-round of the 2019 NFL Draft.
Sep 22, 2018; Knoxville, TN, USA; Florida Gators defensive lineman Jachai Polite (99) celebrates during the first quarter of a game against Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this summer I did an article raving about Jachai Polite of the New York Jets and how eventually he would be looked at as a brilliant move by the old front office regime. As the cut day looms, there is a chance that just like the regime that drafted him, Polite could be on his way out. It seems so crazy, but there are a few reasons why Polite has seen such a sudden fall in his career.


One of the biggest problems that multiple scouts noticed with him was his attitude. “He seemed almost as though he thought he was better than everyone else when he wasn’t” was a sentiment often alluded to by scouts. Polite seems to lack passion and drive and that’s a poor thing to lack because at some point as he is seeing, it will shine through and outshine his play. However with all these concerns the Jets still took a shot on him yet, even now he seems to lack a fire to fight for his spot. Attitude needs to improve in the long haul for Polite.

No Loyalty

This aspect isn’t really about Polite but about the powers that be. When Polite was selected it was by the old regime as I have reiterated. That means Joe Douglas and the new front office regime don’t have any ties to Polite. He had to truly prove his worth despite being an early pick. Ultimately he hasn’t shined enough to move up from the third team but according to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, he may not even have done enough to make the roster. It’s tough starting with a clean slate it can be a nightmare or a major benefit. It has been a nightmare for Polite.


Ultimately, all doubts can be dispelled with a strong performance. Polite just hasn’t done that yet. I do believe he deserves more of an opportunity to prove himself but if his play has really been that much of a disappointment to the front office and coaching staff then he may be leaving the New York Jets before he even got comfortable. He needs to step up soon and dispel all doubt and give himself time to improve his skillset and become the pass rusher I and much others think he could be.