New York Jets: Calvin Anderson Heads to the Broncos

New York Jets

NFL offensive tackle, Calvin Anderson comes from an athletic family.  His grandfather was a professional tennis player and his father DeVry, who is now Colonel in the army,  played football at Army.

Anderson has talents that go beyond being a star on the field.  In high school, he also played basketball and tennis.  He worked hard at The University of Texas and Rice University football teams.   He truly is quite amazing as a fun fact he uses the Japanese game of Soduku to help solve a Rubik’s Cube behind his back!

October 1st the New York Jets announced that Anderson had been signed by the Denver Broncos to their active roster, after being on the New York Jets practice squad.

Anderson is only in his rookie year and has not truly had the chance to shine yet, but great things are in his future.  Although no longer a New York Jet, he will surely prove to be an asset to the Denver Broncos.

Anderson brought class and kindness to New York always stopping and posing with fans at training camp and after New York Jets preseason games.  Every single picture, he is gleaming and beaming, a testament to his sweet, positive, outgoing demeanor.  He is a true footballer and true family man and cherishes every moment given to him both professionally and personally.  He has always been one to achieve his dreams and reach his goals, graduating college with a degree in finance, and the NFL will be no different!

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