New York Jets: C.J. Mosley would not be happy if Jamal Adams was on the trade block

New York Jets, C.J. Mosley

The New York Jets trading Jamal Adams would be ludicrous according to one other stud playmaker:

The pairing of Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley is one of the more dynamic in the NFL, despite the latter of the two missing nearly the entire 2019 campaign due to injury. After spending his first five seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Mosley fell ill to the injury bug, which was a surprise given his stellar health over the course of his career to that point.

In 2018 with the Ravens, Mosley played at an elite level, posting 105 combined tackles, five passes defended, and a 6.3% missed tackle rate. His elite status was exactly what the Jets needed at the inside linebacker position, and they are hoping to get that quality of player in 2020 and beyond.

However, Adams is a significant part of the defense and has been demanding an extension for quite some time. He has skipped out on voluntary virtual workouts to advocate for GM Joe Douglas’ proactive spirit in extending his contract. Nonetheless, reports have indicated that Adams could be on the trade-block in recent weeks. Mosley, though, has not been phased by those talks.

“To me, I wasn’t too worried about that,” he said in an interview with ESPN. “That would be a crazy move.”

He further commented:

“First of all, he’s one of the leaders on the team,” Mosley said. “That’s first and foremost. He brings that extra energy whether guys want it or not. Sometimes you might be tired or not feeling good, but as soon as he steps on the field, you’re going to hear that voice and he’ll be flying around. To have that presence in the secondary, a guy that can make plays in the passing game and also plays in the backfield — in the box — that’s always exciting.”

As Mosley stated, Adams’ influence on the team is significant, from his leadership to his athleticism. The former first-round selection is the Jets’ primary playmaker, and they cannot afford to lose him in a trade or free agency. Douglas has stated that he normally doesn’t entertain extensions in the fourth year of a rookie contract, but in this specific scenario, he might be willing to bend the rules.