New York Jets Bold Prediction: Wide Receiver Duo Will Dominate

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This sounds crazy! Two receivers like New York Jets’  Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson putting up over 2,400 yards and 20 touchdowns. But if you really take a step back to look at what they salvaged out of last season, they approached my prediction. The duo totaled out for nearly 1,800 yards, and combined for 12 touchdowns receiving.

The Jets signed Terrell Pryor to be the big man in the receiving corps, and Quincy Enunwa will hopefully return to full health. As we know, the NFL is an injury riddled league, and the deadly bug could strike at any moment. Pryor with his ankle problem this off-season and Enunwa with a serious neck problem which kept him off the field for almost a year.

What do we know: 

Kearse and Anderson are both coming off of their best seasons and will be looking to trump their 2017 totals by a large margin.

Each with career highs in receptions yards and touchdowns this past year, Josh McCown will look to help them beat that milestone. The Jets’ veteran signal caller can still sling it, and you better believe that the passing game is going to be relied on with such a poor offensive line.

The only time this tandem might run into a wall is when they play against the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. Other than that, Robby and Jermaine can handle any other corner back duo that looks to press them  on the line of scrimmage.

The passing game will work one way or another: 

Even if Josh McCown can’t get the job done, we still have two stud quarterbacks to turn to. Teddy Bridgewater who already has a couple of years of NFL experience under his belt, and the bright young Sam Darnold who is poised for greatness. Now, if the offensive line allows too many quarterback hits and not enough time to throw the football, newly signed Isiah Crowell will put his ground and pound style of running into action.

This would then open up the opportunity to get the play action going. That way you get the safety to bite just enough to hit either Kearse or Anderson on a fade.

Yes, my prediction requires that each receiver averages around 75 receiving yards per game but I am willing to take a leap of faith on the New York Jets receiving corps. Just like last year when no one thought the Jets would grab five wins last season, they proved us wrong.

Simply based on the fact the Jets outperformed our expectations last season, it’s fair to say they have the potential to continue improving at an astronomical rate.