New York Jets: Attempting To Solve The Cornerback Issues

New York Jets, Jason Myers
This past Thursday night proved a few things but none being clearer than the true seriousness of the New York Jets cornerback issues. The Jets released Derrick Jones today, who was one of the disappointments in the past. They also have decisions to make on a few other corners. The situation is really bad but there are a few solutions the team could explore.

Bringing Back Morris Claiborne

Morris Clairborne was statistically one of the better corners in all of football last season. Despite a suspension, he still provides a good value to the team. He was great last year and no doubt could be a big help to the weak secondary. He was one of the few smart moves by Mike Maccagnan and Joe Douglas should consider bringing him in.

Trade for Jalen Ramsey

Hear me out, it may sound wild but the logistics make sense. He’s a young, big personality but he’s also one of the best corners in the game. Jalen Ramsey has been having some issues in Jacksonville and if Douglas wants to make some big moves, one would be to go out and get him from Jacksonville.

Trade for Xavier Rhodes

”Rhodes Closed”, Xavier Rhodes is a great cornerback. Rhodes is at 29, still a shutdown corner who can hang with most team’s #1 receiver. He’s a 2-time pro bowler and a 1-time all-pro in 2017. He is also semi-realistic. He has a tough contract and he’s 29. Both of those circumstances could make for a less large package being given and could make it a real possibility.

Bring Someone Out Of Retirement

I mean nobody saw Ryan Kalil coming, so why not another one. Adam Pacman Jones is the only semi-realistic corner who is still talented and could make an impact. The other main retirees either have health issues or haven’t played in a while. Although Pacman has some off the field issues, maybe he’s the guy the Jets could get. It’s a low chance, but who knows.
Ultimately in all seriousness, the New York Jets need help. Their cornerback situation is atrocious. Trumaine Johnson was overpaid and needs a big season. Darryl Roberts and Brian Poole could be good but the Jets still need depth beyond them. They currently lack that and that issue needs to be fixed very soon.
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