New York Jets Adam Gase The Betting Favorite To Be Fired

New York Jets, Adam Gase

Sunday was an utter disaster for the New York Jets. The Jets were outcoached tenfold. The team looked more underprepared then a Pop Warner football team with less than a week of practice. Even a fundamental of football, tackling, was pitiful. Yes, you can blame the players to an extent, but the way the Jets played it was an example of poor coaching.

Entering the season, Adam Gase came off a 7-9 season that featured an end of season resurgence. The team lost that momentum in the performance on Sunday, and that was very evident to oddsmakers. Initially, Gase was ranked as the third likeliest coach to be fired behind Matt Patricia (Detroit Lions) and Doug Marrone (Jacksonville Jaguars). Now, after being ranked as the worst team in football by ESPN in their power rankings, Gase has been placed as the likeliest coach to be fired.


First Coach Fired during the 2020 NFL Regular Season

Adam Gase                  3/1       

Dan Quinn                    4/1       

Matt Patricia                 5/1       

Doug Marrone              7/1       

Mike Zimmer                7/1       

Anthony Lynn               9/1       

Bill O’Brien                   9/1       

Vic Fangio                   10/1     

Matt Nagy                    12/1     

Kevin Stefanski            14/1     

Frank Reich                 20/1

Adam Gase leads Falcons coach Dan Quinn, the two coaches I mentioned earlier, and Mike Zimmer as the likeliest in-season firings. The difference between the teams is that their teams were all competitive or won their games on Sunday. Gase needs to step up and get the team prepared for one of the best teams in football, the San Francisco 49ers, or else these odds could prove to be worth the bet.

In the end, it would take an utter embarrassment of a start for Chris Johnson to hand Gase his walking papers. Sunday, though showed a glimpse of what that embarrassing start could be like.

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