New York Jets 2022 Preview: LB C.J. Mosley

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C.J. Mosley signed with the New York Jets on a big five-year contract in 2019. He has been in the NFL since 2014 and recently turned 30 years old. Mosley is a respected leader with winning experience and a strong presence on and off the field. He needs to make a big impact on the Jets’ defense in 2022.

Brief review of 2021:

Mosley was the Jets Curtis Martin Team MVP in 2021. He played on a solid level. Mosley started 16 games, played 1,096 snaps, and accumulated a whopping 168 tackles, which were by far a career-high throughout his successful run in the NFL. He also had two sacks and two forced fumbles. In pass coverage, he did not make many impact plays. Still, overall, Mosley was a good asset to the 2021 Jets.

Skill set:

Mosley is a big, physical, tough, and smart football player. He is 6-foot-2 and 231 pounds. Mosley is a good enough athlete. He can contribute in the box as a run defender with his size. Intangibly, Mosley brings a wealth of intelligence to the field for the Jets’ defense to lead the group. In the passing game, Mosley can blitz effectively.

Projected role:

At this time, Mosley is the only proven player the Jets have at linebacker. Pre-snap, his leadership, experience, and IQ are needed in the middle of the defense. He will remain the lead communicator of the unit. The Jets’ run defense struggled mightily a year ago. It is an area the Jets will consistently need great contributions from Mosley for this group to make the improvement it needs. In the passing game, Mosley will get his opportunities to make impact plays as a blitzer. More big plays in coverage will be needed from Mosley this year.

2022 stat projection:

Mosley should have another year in which he records a ton of tackles. Every year of his career that he has played 15 games, he has totaled at least 105 tackles. He should record two to three sacks. Generating at least two forced fumbles again this year would be great. As a pass defender, Mosley needs to make more impact plays on the football in coverage. Last season, Mosley did not record an interception and only had two passes defended. Aside from 2021, Mosley has had at least five passes defended when he has played at least 14 games. He recorded at least two interceptions in three of his first four seasons. In 2022, Mosley recording at least five passed defended and an interception or two would be ideal for the Jets’ defense.

Final preview thoughts:

Mosley is pivotal to the Jets’ defense improving this year. He should remain productive against the run, which is important for the growth of this unit. His smarts, leadership, pedigree, and communication are all important intangibles he will bring to the defense. The key thing with Mosley will be generating more splash plays in the passing game and crucial situations. Mosley should have another very good year for the Jets in 2022.

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