Jets Ownership Needs to Talk to Adam Gase About Le’Veon Bell

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell
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If you’re a New York Jets fan with eyes and ears, you saw/heard coach Gase’s end of season conference. And… what was that?!

Gase Confirms What We All Knew

Part of what resulted in the firing of former GM, Mike McCagnan, was Gase’s disbelief in just how much Bell was paid when Bell signed his contract this past offseason. And with a Bell fresh off of a season where he voluntarily benched himself all season long, we should have been utilizing Bell as much as possible.

52.6 rushing yards per game rushing, and 30.7 yards per game receiving for a guy who was averaging 87.1 yards per game rushing, and 40.4 yards per game receiving in Pittsburgh begs the simple question

Why Does Gase Hate Bell?

Using different words, Gase was asked if he wanted to see Bell as a Jet next season. His response…

He’s under contract for three more years. … you can ask Joe tomorrow.”

What… the actual… seriously, what?! Anyone with eyes knows that Bell’s reduced numbers this year had EVERYTHING to do with the play calling from Gase on the sidelines. Gase didn’t want Bell to get the ball. When Bell got the ball, the Jets offense was rolling. Then, like a petulant child holding a grudge, Gase changed the play calling, and the Jets offense stalled.

The Jets could get a sizable package of draft picks for Bell if they move him before the draft. But Bell is only going to be 28 next year and is much fresher than guys like Ezekiel Elliot or Todd Gurley. If I’m the Johnson’s, I sit Gase down, and tell him to “Grow up”. The Packers defense was garbage for most of the last decade, and the Packers were STILL one of the premier teams in the league. Trading Adams you can justify. Trading Bell just because the coach is a kid? Gase should be fired before OTA’s if that happens.