Giants, Jets fans still attending games at high rate regardless of poor results

New York Jets, Sam Darnold
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Never doubt the loyalty of the New York football fan. Whether it be Giants or Jets fans their dedication to their respective teams can never be challenged.

The fans keep coming, every week, to MetLife Stadium to watch these two vastly underperforming teams run by two of the NFL’s most heavily criticized organizations. Are they gluttons for punishment or just so loyal they stick by their teams through thick and thin?

The Jets are second in home attendance in the NFL, falling behind only the Dallas Cowboys while the Giants are fifth overall.

Not bad, considering the Jets have just one winning season since 2010 and have not qualified for the playoffs over that period. They have yet to host a postseason game at MetLife Stadium.

The Giants have just one winning campaign since the 2012 season. They have qualified for the postseason just once (2016) over that time.

The reason the Jets many have higher attendance than the Giants is they do not attach a personal seat license (PSL) to seats in the upper bowl, whereas every Giants season ticket comes with a PSL commitment.