Former New York Jet Beltre Exceeding in CFL

New York Jets

Frank Beltre is having quite a stellar career with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.  Beltre was a member of the New York Jets in 2017 after originally signing with the San Diego Chargers and sent some time with the Oakland Raiders.

Beltre also spent two years with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.  He has found his place in football going above and beyond and succeeding with the Toronto Argonauts.

Week in and week out, no matter what the score may be, Beltre goes out there and prevails.  He plays with such force and compulsion, instilling fear into the opposing team and putting players under duress! He is a great teammate and so supportive of those he plays with now and played with in the past whether it be in high school, college or other NFL/CFL teams!

Beltre is extremely talented and skilled and so well-versed when it comes to the game of football.  His adroitness and adeptness, make him not just a true student of the game, but a master!

Just recently, Beltre had quite the day, getting a win and having his beautiful family there in the stands!  He sure made his family proud as he always does for the things he does as a player and beyond!

What makes Beltre truly laudable is his sweetness and kindness!  He is truly amazing and does such wonderful things for the community! Beltre is always interacting with the fans via social media and in-person and is so down-to-earth!  He treats everyone like friends and always has a smile on his face when signing autographs or posing for pictures.  Beltre always jumps at each and every opportunity to help others.  When it was Thanksgiving in Canada, Beltre along with other Argonaut members handed out food at the Salvation Army of Toronto to those less fortunate!   He also visits sick children at the Holland Bloorview Hospital, brightening their days!

Beltre is so grateful and appreciative of every opportunity he is given and it shows, as he always goes out there and gives it everything he has!  He is constantly working and grinding to be the best he can possibly be in football and beyond!  He takes his faith seriously and knows that with God all things are possible!  He spreads his blessings with others by being a pillar of positivity to all!  He is an inspiration to everyone!

They say good people are hard to come by and for Beltre, this rings truest!  Beltre is the nicest, kindest person you will find!  His compassion and his giving nature make him someone you are proud to be a fan of and root for.  There are not enough good things to say about him!  Beltre is a true gift!