New York Islanders: Is Zdeno Chara a real possibility?

There’s an expression, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The New York Islanders obviously have never heard of this before. Jimmy Murphy has linked the Islanders to Zdeno Chara. For all the youngins, the Islanders actually drafted Zdeno Chara in the 3rd round of the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. Chara spent his first four seasons on the Island before he was shipped off in the Alexei Yashin deal. There’s a real possibility that Zdeno Chara ends his career with the team he started it with. What part of this addition benefits the Islanders?

Veteran Leadership

Zdeno Chara is 43 years old, and he actually might be older than that. The Islanders have a bunch of up and coming defenseman—Noah Dobson, Bode Wilde, Samuel Bolduc, and Sebastian Aho, to name a few. Chara can be the guy to teach these young defensemen how to become an ironman. Even though Chara is 43 years old, he still plays 18+ minutes a night. Not only that, but he played 3 Stanley Cup Final games with a broken jaw. Everyone in that locker room would run through a wall if he’s around the organization.

Brute Strength

Zdeno Chara has what I like to call brute strength. The Islanders need his presence in front of Varlamov/Sorokin. Too many times this year, a small forward got into the crease and got a stupid tap-in goal. Chara will never allow someone to do this. I mean, he’s 6’9, 7’2 on skates, and one of the best fighters in NHL history. If the Islanders can pull this off, they will provide some serious relief for their goaltenders.


I think this signing makes a lot of sense for the Islanders. But, only if they trade Johnny Boychuk first. Chara takes Boychuk’s spot and for about 4 million dollars cheaper.