Why the New York Giants Should Trade Evan Engram

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Since being drafted in 2017, New York Giants Tight End Evan Engram has struggled to reach his maximum potential. He has been nagged by injuries for much of his first three seasons. His amount of production has decreased every year since being drafted. And he has most certainly not lived up to the expectations the Giant set when they selected him 23rd overall. With the Giants in need of as much draft capital as possible, trading Engram this offseason would make great sense.

Why the New York Giants Should Trade Evan Engram:

His inability to stay healthy

Health was never an issue for Engram while at Ole Miss. He played in 23 out of 24 games during his Junior & Senior seasons. But since making the transition to the NFL, he has failed to stay healthy for an entire season. He missed only one game during his rookie season but missed five the season after. Through the first twelve games of this season, he has missed four games – and his return is still up in the air.

For a player to find success in the NFL, especially a young one, they need to stay healthy and play as much as possible. The Giants have been unable to see what they truly have in Engram due to him constantly missing games and not truly being 100 percent.

His trade value

What makes Engram so unique is his athleticism. He ran a 4.42 40 yard dash at the 2017 NFL combine, the best by any tight end in recent years. He has lined up as a wide receiver multiple times, something that shows off his versatility excellently.

Teams across the league would love to have a player as dynamic as Engram is. If Engram were in a system where his skillset could be maximized, he could leap into the class of elite tight ends within seconds. Teams would be willing to give up a lot for a player that is as special as he is. How much is a lot? Well, looking at recent trades across the league, a good starting price for a fourth-year tight end full of potential would be a second-round pick. Gathering as many picks as possible would help a Giants team that is years away from being a contender.

The emergence of Kaden Smith

A number of tight ends have tried to replace Engram when he has gone down due to injury over the past three seasons. No player has done a better job at stepping in than undrafted rookie Kaden Smith. Since getting his first start in week 12 against the Bears, Smith has looked like he could be the answer moving forward. He also brings something to the table Engram struggles with – blocking.

Not to bash Engram, but when you are athletic as he is, it can be difficult to block well. Smith manages to find success in Engram’s area of weakness, while still being a weapon in the receiving game. Through two starts, he has posted 12 catches for 88 yards and a score. His most impressive play came in the final minutes of the game against Green Bay. Smith displayed his impressive strength, hands, and route-running ability on the 32-yard gain.

It is time for the Giants to call it quits on the Evan Engram experiment. By trading him this offseason, the Giants would be allowing themselves to build for the future. Sorry Engram fans, but getting a second-round pick to help rebuild the defense or offensive line is worth much more than an athletic tight end.

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