Why The New York Giants Defense Is Going To Increase In Turnover Production

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The New York Giants defense ranked 21st in the league in turnover ratio last season, but 2018 should promote a revitalized offense and upgraded defense, hopefully improving the ratio. Making the transition to the 3-4 scheme under James Bettcher will increase the potential of making big-plays (aka turnovers).

The defense will be unpredictable, unique, and aggressive. Linebackers will be darting beside the line of scrimmage while the defensive line prepares to wreck havoc in the trenches. The safeties will sit back and spy on the quarterback, occasionally blitzing and forcing the opposing quarterback to rush the pass and make a mistake. Ultimately, the Giants will benefit extremely from the movement and constant blitzing from all angles.

How did the New York Giants defense perform in 2017 in regard to turnovers?

The defense recorded just 13 interceptions and six fumble recoveries all of last season. To put that into perspective, the No. 1 ranked turnover team amassed 22 interceptions and 12 recovered fumbles. A large aspect of the lack of product for the Giants was due to injury and lack of depth. This offseason, general manager Dave Gettleman, made it a priority to solidify the defensive line and provide Bettcher with a tough group of linebackers to help create turnovers.

The secondary will be the biggest weakness on the team and likely be a liability later in the season. This will put extra stress on the defensive front to rush the quarterback and force errant throws. Despite the lack of depth in the secondary, the Giants still have cornerback Janoris Jenkins. He alone recorded three interceptions and scored two touchdowns. His presence on the field will be essential for the defense to remain consistent and relevant throughout the year.

Additionally, third-year corner Eli Apple will be looking to make a comeback after a disastrous 2017. His blatant attempts at breaking the moral of the locker room and coaching staff are a thing of the past as he’s displayed legitimate effort and quality during training camp. If his abilities can translate onto the field he should add a few more turnovers to a defense that saw him fail to record a single INT last season.