Why the Giants could trade back from 25th overall to grab more draft capital

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New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen is keen on the idea of trading down in this year’s draft. The Giants hold the 25th overall pick in the first round, putting them in a prime position to trade back to grab more draft capital.

Why the Giants could trade down from 25

The draft, at the end of the day, is a crapshoot. No prospect is a guarantee. Sometimes, the smart approach is to throw as many darts at the wall as possible and see which ones stick. By trading down from 25 overall, the Giants could gain a few extra chances to hit on a prospect in the middle rounds.

Teams that have held the 25th pick in the draft have traded out of that spot every year since 2017. The Giants could continue this trend in an effort to add extra draft capital.

Currently, the Giants hold 10 picks in the upcoming draft. Rumors suggest that New York may be targeting a top wide receiver prospect in the first round. However, if all of the best wideouts are taken, Big Blue may need to pivot. In this scenario, it would make sense for the Giants to move back, add some extra picks, and address another position of need.

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports proposed a similar scenario last month. In his mock draft, he had the Giants trading down from the 25th pick to the 31st overall pick and drafting Minnesota center John Michael-Schmitz. The Giants landed their starting center and added a couple of extra mid-round picks in this mock trade.

While the Giants made significant progress in 2022, the team still has a ways to go before being considered a Super Bowl contender. However, one more strong draft class could make all the difference. New York has an opportunity with the 25th overall pick to turn their first-round selection into multiple selections, building out the depth on their roster and getting closer toward contention.

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