Two New York Giants players that have breakout potential but continue to disappoint

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Sam Beal
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – NOVEMBER 24: Allen Robinson #12 of the Chicago Bears catches a pass in front of Sam Beal #23 of the New York Giants during a game at Soldier Field on November 24, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Giants 19-14. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Taking a look at two New York Giants players can if they can break out of their current funk:

With DeAndre baker going through the legal system after being accused of armed robbery, the New York Giants are in a state of caution. Of course, nothing has been proven, and waiting until all the facts come out is a necessity, but in the meantime, let’s look at two players who have the potential to break out but have disappointed in recent seasons.

1.) Sam Beal

When Dave Gettleman spent a third-round pick on supplemental draft selection Sam Beal, most were a bit confused at the choice. Beal missed his entire rookie season with a shoulder injury and only played in six games in 2019. While Beal looked good during preseason play, he struggled in coverage during the regular season. He posted a 76.2% completion rate against and allowed one touchdown. On a brighter note, he missed zero tackles out of 26 combined, showing that he had good fundamentals and just needs to improve in coverage.

Having played his first NFL action last season, he might’ve had the jitters, which resulted in poor performances. There is still potential for him to excel in the NFL; he just needs to clear the roadblocks holding him back. Beal is a physical corner at 6-foot-1 and 192 pounds; he has the speed to match up with opposing wide receivers and can track them properly.

If Beal hadn’t been a supplemental draft pick, he is convinced he would’ve been a first-round selection, as he’s self-proclaimed smart, quick, and fast.

“I’m different,’’ he said last season. “I’m smart, I’m quick, and I’m fast at the same time. You can be quick, you can be fast, but I’m quick and I’m fast. And I’m a physical corner. If they put me anywhere, I can play it. I got range out the door. I can get sideline to sideline just as fast as anybody else.”

On paper, Beal has all the physical traits to be a quality player at the NFL level, he just hasn’t managed to put it together yet and remain healthy. Hopefully, in the 2020 season, all of these things can come together.

2.) Evan Engram

Engram always seems to be the storyline around this time of year, considering his last few seasons plagued by injury. In 2019, Engram played in just eight games, having his lowest totals in yards and seeing a downward turn in catch rate. He played in just 42% of offensive snaps, the lowest in three years, once again disappointing fans who expected him to have a fantastic season.

Generally, the hope is that he can finally become an elite pass-catching tight end, but injuries are almost expected at this point. He’s coming off a mid foot sprain that required surgery and is still rehabbing from it. The physicality of the tight end position seems to be too much for Engram, who might be better used in a pass-catching role and limited to a degree. The Giants signed Levine Toilolo to handle blocking duties primarily in 12 personnel sets, so Engram can utilize his strengths without having to be held back.