The New York Giants Should Snag This Potential Bubble Cut Right Guard

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With the New York Giants trading away reserve offensive lineman Brett Jones to the Minnesota Vikings for a seventh-round pick, a spot has opened up on the line.

Reserve tackle Nick Becton has performed well in camp and preseason, making him a sure-fire replacement option. Ridding Jones opened up $2.9 million in cap-space, which allows the Giants some breathing room in free agency and bubble cut pickups.

Here’s one option the Giants should consider:

Now, this is a big “IF,” but it’s seeming to be a matter of time until the 49ers part ways with their 2016 first-round right guard.

The Giants signed former Jaguar Patrick Omameh to a three-year, $15 million deal to start at right guard this season, but he’s struggled immensely as of late. His poor grades across the board have begun to open some eyes and drawn some required attention.

49er’s RG, Joshua Garnett, was a selection of the previous management, which makes him expendable to a certain degree. A knee injury which forced him to miss all of 2017 has continued to linger this offseason. He saw the majority of snaps in week two of the preseason but didn’t fare well in his first game back. Now, it’s only fair to provide him with some time to adjust, but for the 49ers it seems as if he might be a waiver cut if he loses the position battle.

This could be a good thing for the Giants, a team that’s looking for offensive line depth and doesn’t want to pay big-money. Garnett fits the bill perfectly and might prove to be a solid reserve option in case Omameh fails to live up to expectations.