The New York Giants Might As Well Reunite With Odell Beckham Jr.

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At this point, the New York Giants may as well reunite with Odell Beckham Jr., their former prodigy of a receiver who has also been somewhat down on his luck this year after being dealt to the Cleveland Browns in the offseason. That move, however, was carried out under the regime of Dave Gettleman, who may not return to the General Manager position this offseason.

Any argument for Beckham ending up a Giant again would assume two things. First, that Gettleman won’t be the GM of the team going into this offseason. The Giants may be reluctant to get rid of another GM, and after only a couple offseasons at that, so there’s a chance that they don’t even make the change that would almost certainly lead to another attempt at a full rebuild. Second, it assumes that the post-Gettleman front office believes that the Beckham trade was an ill advised idea.

It’s true, of course, that it looks like this might be a down season for Beckham. There’s still games to be played but at this point he has 805 yards and will likely head in for surgery after the season. The Browns as a team in general haven’t done much better this year. At 6-7 as of now, they aren’t the Super Bowl contenders that many predicted during the offseason. They aren’t even playoff contenders.

According to reports, it seems like Beckham is getting desperate to get out of Cleveland – and why wouldn’t he be? He never asked to be traded to the Browns and would likely have preferred to stay with the Giants. It’s clear from social media and press conference remarks that Beckham took offense with the decision by the Giants to send him off, something that was partly done for off the field reasons.

Dave Gettleman has shown a preference for getting rid of outspoken players, even if those said players are team leaders, but that might not be a factor in the future. The Giants could very well have a new General Manager who may have different views on players like Beckham.

Beckham becoming available in the offseason via trade isn’t necessarily far fetched – even if this season is a down season, playing for the Browns is something of an automatic excuse. Considering the reputation of the Browns and their quarterbacking play, it’s not reasonable to say that one bad season there is going to drop the value of a receiver too much in the eyes of many teams.

But could the Giants be one of the teams interested in making a trade?

If the Browns really are going to move Beckham at a reduced rate because of his apparently outspoken desire to get out of Cleveland, the Giants certainly have pieces to move, that might be on their way out any way due to the lack of success that the Giants’ current team composition has had over the past couple of years.

The Browns might have a hard time getting Beckham’s full value, based on the results of this season. But a package offering Janoris Jenkins, Nate Solder, and a draft pick – or something else along those lines, might be enough for the two sides to reach an agreement if the Browns do decide that they want to move on and end the Beckham era after one year.

Of course, there’s debate to be had about whether or not the Giants regret moving their best receiver, but it’s safe to say that many of the decisions of the current front office regime will be questioned by the next one should Dave Gettleman end up replaced this offseason. The plans of making Sterling Shepard into the next Beckham haven’t worked either, for the Giants. Golden Tate hasn’t reached his full potential, missing time this season due to both suspension and injury.

It’s a long shot, but the Giants reversing their trade and bringing back their former star receiver might not be the impossibility that it sounds like at first glance.