The New York Giants have a very difficult decision to make in the 2020 NFL Draft

With the hiring of head coach Joe Judge by the New York Giants, we should expect several things — the team will be tough, focus on the run, and give 100% on every play.

Judge will evaluate every player on the roster to maximize value at positions. Different than most coaches, the New England method looks at every player and essentially says, “what positions could you play if we needed you.” Judge made a point that he will expect his top receiver to return kicks if he needs them too, or his best defensive talent to act as a gunner on the punt team. Value comes in the form of availability.

Another interesting tidbit that he will introduce is live-tackling practices with pads, something the Giants have never experienced before. He will be installing a system that focuses on fundamentals and attention to detail, which is where the NFL Draft plays a vital role.

The New York Giants need Gettleman and Judge to be on the same page:

The team GM Dave Gettleman and Judge piece together will have to be specific. Players that go 100% on every play and have minimal improvement needed regarding their technique and fundamentals. Two options that stand out are Clemson’s Isaiah Thomas and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas.

Simmons, one of the best defenders in the country, is a versatile linebacker who has also lined up in the cornerback and safety position. His length and athleticism give him a unique advantage over offensive lineman and running quarterbacks.

Take a look at the two clips below:

The needs on the Giants stretch well beyond one position, as Simmons only fills one spot, but he can play multiple, which is precisely what Judge hits on before. Thomas contributes to one of the more financially dependent positions in the league, at left tackle. The Giants have featured Nate Solder at LT the past two seasons, and if not for Judge, who’s familiar with the offensive lineman, he could be on his way out or playing at right tackle in 2020.

Nonetheless, there are many questions marks the Giants must answer this offseason, but the draft should be an answer, and I believe Simmons is the right fit.