The New York Giants 2019 Schedule is Rather Deceiving

New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants schedule has dropped.  I was more excited for the schedule to be released than the question mark of the upcoming draft. Every fan waited anxiously for the official release so we all can give out our record predictions for an up-in-the-air 2019 season.

In a wild move, that no one saw coming, the Giants open up the season in Dallas at 4:25 on September 8th. Weird, that rarely happens. Then going through the schedule, I started to count win, after win, after win. The first time through the schedule, 9 wins were counted. Vegas has the Giants win total over/under at 5.

The “Giants factor”:

Counting 9 wins while glancing at the schedule was head scratching. With various holes plaguing the roster and a lack of cap space to fill them, the team will have to rely on draft prospects to fill the void. We cannot assume that rookies will perform at a high level, so justifying 9 wins is difficult.

The “Giants factor” is quite simple – losing to underwhelming teams or blowing leads late in the fourth quarter pretty much sums up the definition.

For example, against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018, the Giants played well in the first half and completely shut down in the second. ”’

Basically, pick any game possible, a game “they should win” or a game “they have no chance in” and find a way to lose to give it away in heartbreaking fashion.  That’s the “Giants factor.”

That is why this schedule is unbelievably deceiving.  I saw 8-9 wins, but in reality, we have to deduct 2, 3, maybe 4 wins with the “Giants Factor.”  It is better to aim low instead of thinking we are going to be “good.”  Giants always do better when the expectations are low, so let’s keep it that way and continue to pray.