The Giants might have to change their entire defense in 2020

New York Giants

After falling do the Philadelphia Eagles 23-17 on Monday night, the New York Giants have some serious thinking to do about their future and who will be involved in it. Head coach Pat Shurmur is undoubtedly on the hot seat after losing nine straight games and stating after the loss, “I don’t want any part of that.”

The reality is, the organization is still trending downward, even with general manager Dave Gettleman taking over and attempting to inject talent into the offensive and defensive lines the past two offseasons. He also allocated plenty of draft capital into the secondary in 2019, and they have certainly had their fair share of struggles throughout the season.

However, 2020 could present an entirely different set of challenges, as the Giants will need to find a scapegoat for their issues. Ultimately, it could end up being defensive coordinator James Bettcher, instead of Shurmur, who is just as deserving of the unemployment line. Especially if the Giants are keen on drafting chase young in the top three picks of the draft next off-season, they will need to change their style to fit his skill-set.

What system does the New York Giants currently use?

Big Blue currently employs a 3-4 defensive scheme, which features two outside linebackers and three interior defensive linemen. Gettleman seems to prefer the 3-4 style of defense considering his allocation of draft capital into Leonard Williams, who was recently traded from the New York Jets to the Giants before the deadline.

It all depends on where the Giants are in the draft order next off-season and if they are willing to change their ways to fit an elite pass rusher. They can always revert to the traditional 4–3 scheme, which gave them plenty of success during their two Super Bowl runs. The trenches aren’t exactly the biggest concern for the defense, though, as the secondary has been Swiss cheese all year and is in dire need of reinforcements. Hopefully, the 2019 rookies will take a significant leap forward in 2020.