Should the New York Giants start Matt Peart at left tackle in week 7?

The New York Giants enjoyed a scrappy win over the Washington Football Team in week 6, but it was their defense that rose to the occasion and secured the victory. While the offense only managed 13 points, as Daniel Jones threw a red zone interception and failed to convert on third downs consistently, Patrick Graham’s unit found a way to supplement their deficiencies.

Thanks to a Tae Crowder fumble recovery for a touchdown, Big Blue walked away happy for the first time this season. It was Joe Judge’s first win, but it didn’t come without some interesting moves before the game. Left tackle Andrew Thomas started on the bench, with Matt Peart, third-round pick out of the University of Connecticut, receiving the start.

There were a few noticeable differences between Thomas and Peart early on, specifically that Peart was far better in the run game.

Check out the clip below, where Peart stands tall and uses his leverage to seal the edge for Devonta Freeman, who picks up a nice chunk of yards. This is something that we hadn’t seen with Thomas through five weeks, as he allowed Montez Sweat, later on, to completely demolish him and stop Devonta on her third and short.

Ultimately, Thomas is walking on thin ice, as he currently hosts a 57 overall grade and posted a 31.7 pass-blocking grade in week five against Dallas. His run blocking has gradually improved, but it did not look good against Washington. His inconsistencies have put the Giants in a difficult position, as they are now likely contemplating moving him to right tackle and Peart to left tackle.

The New York Giants need to do what’s best for Daniel Jones:

Putting quarterback Daniel Jones under immediate pressure over and over again is simply not a recipe for success. Peart’s improvement at the position helped the Giants move the ball down field on multiple occasions. They have to stick with their guns and prioritize players who are showing more development. Thomas has clearly taken multiple steps back and has not experienced the progression we hoped when he was selected fourth overall in the draft.

That is a big concern, though, as benching your top-five draft pick from this past off-season for a third-rounder is simply unacceptable.

While Thomas has plenty of time to refine his abilities and continue growing in the NFL, this step backward is not a good look for general manager Dave Gettleman. Hopefully, they can find a place for him on the line, as right tackle seems to be more enticing with every passing week.