One statistic sums up New York Giants’ problem with home games this season

The New York Giants don’t look like a good football team this season. The team has a 1-5 record following their most recent loss on Sunday, and looked uncompetitive by halftime against the Los Angeles Rams.

The team is trending in a bad direction in general, but it’s worth noting that some of the worst performances this season have come at home in front of a crowd that is growing increasingly tired of seeing the Giants lose like this.

With this result, the Giants fall to an 0-3 record in home games this season and have been outscored 82-38 by their opponents.

The previous highlights of their home games this year include the 17-14 loss to an Atlanta team that had allowed 80 points through their first two games, and the season opening loss to a Denver team that is now 3-3.

By contrast, the Giants have been a more competitive team on the road. They lost to Washington at the end of the game by only one point, and their sole win of the season came as underdogs at the New Orleans Superdome.

Even in the loss to the Cowboys in Dallas, there was more to cheer for as the game featured a breakout performance from wide receiver Kadarius Toney despite the score getting away from the Giants.

The repeated poor showings at home have seemingly been a factor in fans choosing to boo, and the question remains of how long home crowds will continue to put up with performances like Sunday’s before deciding to not attend.

The Giants ownership has been criticized this season for not committing to fully tearing down the organization and rebuilding it along more modern lines. Historically, the Giants are one of the more patient teams in the league and tend to shy away from moves like that.

But going forward, after another uncompetitive home loss, the ownership could be faced with a new prospect: make big changes, or watch the stands become emptier over the course of the season as many fans decide to stop rewarding a bad organization with money and attendance.

It’s unclear if a declining attendance would push John Mara to make changes. It is clear, however, that even the team’s core fans have serious problems with the way recent seasons have gone.

That agitation has manifested itself in the form of boos at home, and it doesn’t look like that atmosphere is going to improve unless the team itself makes a miraculous turnaround from this point on.

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