One NFL Analyst believes New York Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman won’t be fired

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

Another failed season’s inevitable conclusion would include the firing of New York Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman, as winning the NFC East was his only saving grace before his team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in week seven.

The Giants had an opportunity, and they blew it, and after three seasons, including two rebuilding ones, Gettleman must be on the hot seat.

Considering his inability to solve the offensive line issues the past few seasons, the Giants are now looking at fourth overall pick Andrew Thomas and wondering what they did wrong.

Of course, Thomas has plenty of time left to develop and grow into his role at left tackle, but his rookie season has resembled nothing close to the positive expectations coming out of Georgia. His run blocking has been decent, but his pass blocking has been a liability, putting quarterback Daniel Jones under consistent pressure.

Nonetheless, one NFL analyst believes that Gettleman is not in the line of fire and, in fact, could be retained for 2021 and beyond.

“I just haven’t gotten the sense that it’s headed [toward a firing],” Rapoport said. “I mean, usually, when you have a young coach who you like and things don’t go well, usually the GM goes first. I just haven’t gotten the sense it’s headed there as of right now with the Giants.”

“Now, obviously, there have been some roster moves that you would not agree with that have put them in this position. But if you believe that [Gettleman] was heavily involved in the coaching search and you believe he got the quarterback right, it makes it a much more complicated decision to fire him just because of the record.”

Should the New York Giants be gearing up to fire Gettleman?

Rapoport makes a decent argument, considering Daniel Jones has consistently looked better the past few weeks after starting the season poor. Against the Eagles, he threw for 187 yards and two touchdowns, also leading the team with 92 yards on the ground.

If the Giants and Gettleman did find their franchise quarterback in Jones, getting rid of the GM with a first-year head coach might be a bad move.

Nonetheless, his moves behind the scenes and inability to retain draft capital has been an obvious negative. Hopefully, Judge has more of a say in the decisions that are made, similar to the free-agent tender placed on Markus Golden, which turned into a sixth-round pick.

Moves like that represent success and quality, and Judge brought a little bit of his knowledge from New England and applied it immediately to his new team. While the Giants might be 1-6, they’re capable of more, and I expect to see them build off their strengths moving forward.

Personally, I think Gettleman has run his course with the Giants and bringing in a younger more modernized GM would benefit the forward progress of the team.