Odell Beckham Jr. Holds Nothing Back in New York Giants Tirade

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

While former New York Giants star wideout, Odell Beckham Jr., isn’t to blame for the consistent losing seasons over the past four years, there’s certainly enough blame to go around.

Locker room antics and negative publicity stained his image in New York, but Beckham is excited for a new start in Cleveland with his best friend, Jarvis Landry.

The duo played together in high school and both attended LSU featuring as their dynamic playmakers. Jarvis was drafted by the Dolphins in 2014 and Beckham by the Giants, but they have reunited in Cleveland as they once dreamed of back in their younger days.

Beckham should be in a state of happiness considering his move, but he has engaged on Twitter in a tirade over his former team and the complications he endured.

What did Odell Beckham Jr. have to say about the New York Giants?

Clearly, there is still bad blood from the divorce between the Giants and Beckham. General manager Dave Gettleman is known for his harsh dealings with players, and I’m sure he’s happy to be on this side of the street now that OBJ’s full personality has been released.

If there’s anything we can take away from this slew of tweets, it’s that the former regime of the Giants had a ton of issues, and Beckham was a big part of it. For an emotional player, losing is the worst thing to deal with, and Beckham was put in a position where he was forced to play with a generally bad team. The new management has begun to piece together a new roster and plug holes that needed to be filled.

Hopefully, the decision to trade OBJ will end up being beneficial, as the opposite would be devastating.