Mock Draft Has New York Giants Taking Lock Over Haskins

It’s not worth writing about every time a mock draft comes out, but sometimes, it’s noteworthy when one prediction changes to another. That’s the case right now with Peter Schrager’s mock draft on, which was updated to have the New York Giants take Missouri senior Drew Lock with the sixth pick overall.

It’s a change from the previous prediction of the Giants taking Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. with the same pick, which is still the more common prediction to see both for fans and in mock drafts. Here’s what Schrager had to say about Lock going to the Giants.

There will be WFAN hysteria and message-board debates about this pick leading right up until the card is turned in. I do think the Giants will go quarterback, but not the guy everyone has pegged to them. Lock wowed folks at the Senior Bowl, has a ton of moxie and can rip it… The “Kansas City model” plays out, and it’s Eli passing the torch to the former Missouri Tiger, not the Ohio State Buckeye.

But ‘a ton of moxie’ isn’t enough to make it with in the NFL and it seems like a very strange prediction, as Lock doesn’t have too many edges over Haskins outside of being the more experienced player as a three-year starter for the Missouri Tigers, in the tough Southeastern Conference.

It only takes one look at the numbers to see that Haskins is the more accomplished player, with Haskins throwing 50 touchdowns last season compared to 28 from Lock. But Lock has three years as a full-time starter and even started 8 games in his freshman year, while Haskins only played one full season and only appeared in eight games total the year prior.

What do you think? Should the Giants go for the more experienced player with less hype, or take a chance on the one season wonder with a high ceiling? If you ask Peter Schrager, it seems the answer would be the former.


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